a work log based on pomodoro

Pomarola is a Gtk Ruby based pomodoro timer and worklog. The main idea behind pomarola is to enable to track time using the pomodoro or similar techniques and be able to store it as a work log, export it to PDF, org-mode, and more. Thus making it easier to know what you have invested your time in during different activities. Another focus is to be a desktop agnostic application, since there are many Linux pomodoro time trackers to date, yet many of them like “Gnome Pomodoro Timer” are tied in to the gnome desktop, or built as desktop centric extensions.

Last but not least, is a beginner application, which I’m using to learn more about Gtk and Ruby. You’re encouraged to collaborate with the project with criticism, patches, translations and other contributions.

The project is stored in github, and is released as free software under the GNU GPL v3.0 license